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Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time for your family. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the journey.

Good habits start early on.

There is nothing more exciting than becoming an owner of a puppy or kitten, but along with that joy comes the responsibility for caring for your new pet. Here at Durango Animal Hospital, we work with you to make sure your puppy or kitten gets off on a healthy start. We highly recommend bringing your new pet in for an overall wellness visit right away. During the exam, you will meet with one of our experienced doctors to discuss vaccinations, training, nutrition, grooming, and overall health. We will work hard to educate you about your new pet so you will be able to better care for him or her.

The game plan

We recommend that you set up your pet’s first visit with us soon after they come home. It’s important to get your new pet set up with a good parasite and vaccination program. A thorough examination to assure your puppy or kitten is healthy and prepared to stay that way is also essential.

During these first visits, we’ll set up a vaccination schedule that lasts 18-20 weeks into their life and protects them from harmful viruses. We’ll also want to set up annual parasite screenings. Puppies and kittens eat or sniff at many things that can carry the eggs for internal parasites. Annually checking for intestinal worms and administering the necessary treatments is an important means for assuring your puppy or kitten will be able to absorb nutrients and grow from the food you provide.

Finally, this will be a time for us to put together a plan for the rest of their life, including diet and wellness exams. We plan to be there through all stages of your pet’s life.

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